Adult Literacy

Chrystella Wälchli works with Literacy Evangelism International (LEI) in India. LEI is committed to adult education by creating reading books for adults. The structure of the textbook is adapted to the respective circumstances of an ethnic group.
This means that they must not only translate existing primers for their language but most also study local language peculiarities such as: Which letters are found most frequently? Are there specific sounds in the language? What are the typical objects of daily life in this language? For example, if goats play an important role in the tribe’s culture, “goat” should be integrated in the first few lessons
Here’s an interesting fact: In many uncommon languages – also outside the Christian cultural circle – a translation of the Bible (or at least parts of it), is the only written document available. Based on this Bible, the relative frequency of individual sounds and letters can be defined. This knowledge is then integrated into the design of the textbook. The success rate with this method is high because adults can actually use the experienced reading in their daily life.
The Foundation SSP finances the project LEI regularly, supporting the salaries of the teachers and supervisors.