Pakistan Projects

The city school information is currently not up to date and the situation is constantly changing. As soon as this stabilizes, we will bring this page up to date

The main Institution of SSSP in Pakistan (pictures)  is the City School at Gujranwala. To this school, the Village Schools are positioned as satellites. The city school has several functions. It allows administrative involvement in official education to make the school leaving certificate officially recognised. On the other hand the school serves as a hostel for older students. In addition, the school is used by children from the neighborhood. The village schools are located within 50 kilometers from Gujranwala.
The Foundation also supports the adult education project of “Women Health and Literacy Program”. More…
Due to an increased frequency of attacks on the Christian community, we are forced to offer emergency relief more often than we would like. The same holds true in case of catastrophs which tend to increase as well.