Another project supported by the Stiftung (Foundation) is “Women Health and Literacy Foundation” (WHLF), directed by Farina and her team. In Pakistan, girls and women are particularly affected by a lack of education. Many have never had a chance to attend school. The WHLF aims to provide a basic education for young and older women who could never go to school as children. The project enlists women to act as teachers and share their knowledge with groups of women of various sizes and ages. After completion of the teacher-training program, the women are qualified to start classes in their own village. The program for the village women consists of an 18 month course with daily lessons. The women learn to read and write. In addition, important subjects such as nutrition, health, childcare and birth control are taught. Since many women come from Christian families they are supported in their faith.

Mrs. Farhan and additional female supervisors travel daily to the villages – paying regular visits to approximately 25 classes. They control the quality and regularity of teaching and provide assistance and support where needed.