City School

*** Note: The city school information is currently not up to date and the situation is constantly changing. As soon as this stabilizes, we will bring this page up to date.***
At Gujranwala, a city of about 3 Million inhabitants, the Foundation SSP maintains the St John’s High School with an integrated boys’ boarding school.
St John’s high school is a school with Christian profile. However, it is also attended by Muslim children from the neighborhood.
The school building used to be the center of the Christian carpet cooperative CTG and was converted into a school in 2001. Three years later it was expanded to a boarding school by the construction of a dormitory. At this boarding school about 60 talented but socially disadvantaged students from the villages can be accommodated.
The boarding students attend school along with almost 100 students (both gender) from the surrounding area. All of them have the aim to achieve the final Matric degree after ten years of schooling.
The boarders are supervised by a boarding master and two other employees. Sport events and excursions are organized regularly. The extraordinary pride of the school is its own cricket team.
An integrated library as well as a TV- and video room are provided to the students. The homeworks are done during a common study time. A teaching- or support person is present to help when needed.