Village Schools

In the region of Punjab, the Stiftung (Foundation) has maintained village schools since 1996.  Currently four schools with approximately 200 pupils are supported. The students are mostly from very poor Christian families, however there are also children from Muslim families which like sending their children to these schools. The children have the opportunity to complete a six-year basic education tuition free. The Foundation finances village schools only in places where no other educational opportunities are available. Another requirement is an expressed desire of the villagers to have and to support the school in the village. Since 2012 we continually build new classrooms.The village schools are connected to the St. John’s High School at Gujranwala and supervised by the local school’s principal. The teachers of the village schools attend an annual training course. All the school projects of the Stiftung in Pakistan are put under the supervision of the “Society for Education and Community Well Being ” (SECW).