The project in Abohar is part of the Abohar Dalit Education Network by Operation Mercy Charitable Company (a branch of OM India). In Hindi, Dalit stands for untouchable or outcasts.
The original school, founded in 2004 in the city of Abohar, quickly became too small to serve the number of students which were attending.  In 2007, the Foundation SSP decided to fund approximately 50% of the cost for a new school building outside Abohar. Due to the school’s strong, the number of new entrants increased rapidly. Again in 2009, an extension of the school was necessary. This extension was, once again, 50% financed by the Foundation.
Willi Brammertz, visiting the school in the end of 2008, noted in his report: “What surprised me the most is the quality of the teaching staff. In fact, the head teacher left a good job in South India in order to serve the Dalits in the outskirts of India. She does this with joy and on out of her deep Christian conviction”. This impression was corroborated during the last visit in 2012.

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