About Us

The Stiftung (Foundation) SSP emerged in 2000 from the CTG (Christliche Teppichgenossenschaft), a project which supported poor carpet weavers in Pakistan. The CTG employed Pakistani carpet weavers to produce rugs for sale in Switzerland, thereby allowing it to pay higher wages to these artisans. In the mid-1990s, we had the idea that, in addition to supporting the carpet weavers, we should focus our attention on supporting their children. However, in the late 1990s, the carpet market suffered a massive price collapse and we realized that carpet production would not sustain the needed development aid.

Therefore, we established a foundation dedicated to education and supported entirely by donations.

The CTG was liquidated and the entire inventory sold. The CHF 300,000 proceeds served as seed money to the Foundation. The former weaving hall in Gujranwala, Pakistan, was converted into a school and also functions as the Center for the whole school project. The initial seed money was used to expand the school into a hostel. In 2004, the new complex was inaugurated under the auspices of Christian Dunant, the Swiss Ambassador at that time. The school project is run by our Pakistani school leader and consists of several village schools and a city school. We provide the village- and city-teachers with training, including ‘refresher courses’.

In 2007, the Foundation decided to extend its scope to India. There, we focus on supporting schools for Dalit children (Dalit is the name for the untouchable caste).
The specific projects report details about our support.

Willi Brammertz, Uster, President
Elisabeth Rathgeb, Wil, Member
Urs Heusser, Pfäffikon, Treasurer
Erika Brammertz, Uster, Secretary
Raphael Kästli, Bern, Member